Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

Custom Dialog Property Editor

Only properties unique to a custom dialog object are described here. See "Property Editor: Universal Properties" for descriptions of Object Type, Objects, Object Name, Initial State, and Color. See "Property Editor: Common Properties" for descriptions of Size Policy and Size.

Dialog Title

The title that appears at the top of the custom dialog.

Window Parent

An option menu for specifying a parent main window for the selected custom dialog. Choices are None and any main window in the project. If a main window is specified as a window parent, the custom dialog will be iconified and de-iconified with the main window. Note that this functionality does not work in test mode, but it does in the compiled application.

User Resize Mode

Specifies whether the window is Fixed or Adjustable (whether it can be resized in the compiled application).

Dialog Areas

Specifies whether a custom dialog includes a Button Panel (three buttons, by default) and a Footer area.

Default Button

Specifies one of the dialog buttons as the selected button, by default. The function represented by the selected button will be performed if you press Return while the mouse cursor is in the custom dialog in the compiled application.

Help Button

Specifies one of the dialog buttons as the help button. See "Creating Help and Help Connections", for a description of the Help Editor and instructions for creating help.