Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

List Property Editor

Only properties unique to a list object are described here. See "Property Editor: Universal Properties" for descriptions of Object Type, Objects, Object Name, Initial State, and Color. See "Property Editor: Common Properties" for descriptions of Label Type, Position (Label), Label, Items, Item Label, Position [XY], Popup Menu, and Menu Title.

Selection Mode

Specifies how objects can be selected in a scrolling list. Choices are Single Select, Browse Select, Multiple Select, and Browse Multiple Select.

In Single Select mode, only one item can be selected, by clicking mouse button 1.

In Browse Select mode, one item can be selected, but you can press mouse button 1 and drag through the list until the item you want is selected.

In Multiple Select mode, you can make multiple, discontiguous selections with mouse button 1.

In Browse Multiple Select mode, you can drag the cursor over items to make multiple, contiguous selections, and you can make a multiple, contiguous selection between a selected item and the cursor location with Shift-mouse button 1.


Specifies whether an item will be selected at application startup.


Specifies whether the list object shrinks or grows to accommodate the Longest Item in the list, or if the W(idth) of the box is Fixed. If Fixed is selected, the W(idth) value can be edited.


Specifies the number of text Lines in the list or its Pixels height.