Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Make and Run in One Step

  1. Choose Code Generator from the File menu of the App Builder primary window.

    The Code Generator is displayed.

  2. Click Make & Run to generate code, build the application, and run it.

    If you have saved the project and all goes well, a number of messages will be displayed in the output pane at the top of the Code Generator. The final message will be "Running: ./[projectname]" and the application will run.

    At the least, the application primary window will be displayed. Any windows whose visibility is not set to yes at application startup will be hidden. Depending on what functionality you included that does not require user code, the application might do a variety of things. Menus can be displayed, some connections can be tested, On Item help can be displayed, and so on.

    Note -

    Ultimately, you must write some code to complete the application. For example, any Call Function callbacks specified in the Connections Editor will have to be substituted for. See "Adding User Code to Generated Code" for more information.