Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Generate Code, Make, and Run Separately

  1. Click Generate Code to generate code for the current project.

    As the code generator runs, messages are displayed in the output pane at the top of the Code Generator window. The final message should be "Completed successfully." A number of files will be created, including Makefiles, project files, module files, and two dtb_utils files. You can look at the files in the term pane at the bottom of the Code Generator window.

  2. Click Make to build the application.

    More messages will be displayed in the Output Pane as the application is compiled. The final message again should be "Completed successfully." A few more files will be created, including object files and the executable application file, which has the name you gave the project.

  3. Click Run to run the application.

    The application will be started--as if you had typed the name of the executable at the command line.

  4. Click Abort to quit the application.

    This will terminate the application, closing all windows. You can also click Abort to terminate code generation or make operations started in the Code Generator window.