Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Edit Properties of an Object

Once you have displayed the property editor, do the following to edit the properties of an object:

  1. Choose the object type that you want to edit from the Object Type menu at the top of the Revolving Property Editor, if necessary.

    If you double-clicked an object to display the Revolving Property Editor or if the object was selected when you chose Props from one of the pop-up menus, the object type and the specific object will already be selected.

    If a tear-off (Fixed) editor is displayed, there is no Object Type menu.

  2. Select the object that you want to edit in the Objects scrolling list, if necessary.

    The object may already be selected.

  3. Modify any of the properties, as appropriate.

    See Appendix B, Revolving Property Editor for descriptions of each of the elements of the property editors.

    Note -

    List item editing: once you have the appropriate number of items in the list, the easiest way to perform item editing in those property editors that have an item list* is to select the first item in the list, thus selecting it in the label text field. Type a new name for the item and click Return. The new name will be displayed in the item list and the next item in the list will be selected. Continue down the list with this select, type, Return sequence until all items are completed. *Property editors with item lists include the choice objects (Radio Box, Check Box, Option Menu), Combo Box, List, Menu, Menubar, and Spin Box.

  4. Click the Apply button to apply the changes and leave the property editor displayed.

    Click the OK button to apply the changes and close the property editor.

    Click Reset to reset all changed elements to their values at the last Apply.

    Click Cancel to reset all elements to their values at the last Apply and close the property editor.

See "Example: Editing Main Window Properties" for specific instructions for editing the properties of a main window.