Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Paste Objects

Once you have placed objects in the edit buffer by cutting or copying, you can paste the objects in the interface with the Paste function.

  1. Select the paste location.

    Window: Windows can be pasted if any App Builder object is selected. Pane: Panes can be pasted if an App Builder window or control pane is selected. Control: Controls can be pasted if an App Builder control pane or control object is selected. If a control object is selected, the controls will be pasted in the parent control pane.

  2. Choose Paste from the Edit menu in the App Builder primary window, from the Edit menu in the Module Browser, or from the pop-up menu in either the primary window or the Browser (displayed by pressing mouse button 3 in the interface or the Browser).

    The objects will be added to the current module and will be displayed appropriately in the interface.

Note -

Pasted objects may obscure other objects; you may have to do some moving and aligning after the paste. See "Aligning and Distributing Objects in an Interface" for instructions.

Choose Undo before performing any other function to cancel the paste operation.