Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Save a Module in UIL Format

To save a module in UIL (user interface language) format instead of BIL (builder interface language) format:

  1. Choose Export Module from the File menu of the App Builder primary window and select the module you want to export from the submenu that is displayed.

    Or, in the Project Organizer select the module to be exported and choose Export from the Module menu.

    The Export File dialog box will be displayed, with the selected module name in the Enter file name field.

  2. Change to the folder where you want to save the module, if necessary.

  3. Select Save As UIL (above the Enter file name field).

    The file name suffix will change from .bil to .uil.

  4. Type a file name in the Enter file name field, if necessary.

    If the name in the Enter file name field is OK, leave it as it is.

  5. Click Export or press Return.

    The file will be saved with a .uil suffix.