Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview


Tt_status    ttdt_file_quit(	Tt_pattern *  patterns,
  							  int           quit );

The ttdt_file_quit() function unregisters interest in ToolTalk events about a file. This function destroys patterns. If the quit parameter is set, this function calls

	tt_file_quit( pathname )

Use this function to unregister interest in the path name that was passed to the ttdt_file_join() function when patterns was created. Table A-8 lists the possible errors returned by this function.

Table A-8 Possible Errors Returned by ttdt_file_quit

Error Returned 



The ttsession process is not available. The ToolTalk service tries to restart ttsession if it is not running. This error indicates that the ToolTalk service is either not installed or not installed correctly. 


The process identifier specified is out of date or invalid. 


The ToolTalk service could not access the ToolTalk database needed for this operation. 


The ToolTalk service did not find the specified ToolTalk database in the expected place. 


The patterns were null or otherwise invalid.