Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview


Tt_status			tttk_message_abandon					(	Tt_message					msg );

The tttk_message_abandon() function abandons the request, and then destroys it.

Note -

A program should abandon a message when it does not understand the message and wants to dispose of it.

If an error occurs, this function returns one of the errors listed in Table A-27.

Table A-27 Possible Errors Returned by the tttk_message_abandon

Error Returned 



The ttsession process is not available. The ToolTalk service tries to restart ttsession if it is not running. This error indicates that the ToolTalk service is either not installed or not installed correctly. 


The pointer passed does not point at an object of the correct type for this operation. For example, the pointer may point to an integer when a character string is needed.