Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Overview of DiskSuite Objects

The three basic types of objects that you create with DiskSuite are metadevices, state database replicas, and hot spare pools. Table 1-2 gives an overview of these DiskSuite objects.

Table 1-2 Summary of DiskSuite Objects

DiskSuite Object 

What Is It? 

Why Use It? 

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Metadevice (simple, mirror, RAID5, trans)

A group of physical slices that appear to the system as a single, logical device 

To increase storage capacity and increase data availability. 


Metadevice state database (state database replicas)

A database that stores information on disk about the state of your DiskSuite configuration 

DiskSuite cannot operate until you have created the metadevice state database replicas. 

"Metadevice State Database and State Database Replicas"

Hot spare pool

A collection of slices (hot spares) reserved to be automatically substituted in case of slice failure in either a submirror or RAID5 metadevice 

To increase data availability for mirrors and RAID5 metadevices. 

"Hot Spare Pools"

Note -

DiskSuite Tool, DiskSuite's graphical user interface, also refers to the graphical representation of metadevices, the metadevice state database, and hot spare pools as "objects."