Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Creating a Trans Metadevice in the File

This example shows a trans metadevice, /dev/md/dsk/d1, with logging device and master device.

# (trans)
d1 -t d10 d20
d10 -m d11
d11 1 1 c0t1d0s2
d12 1 1 c0t2d0s2
d20 -m d21
d21 1 1 c1t1d0s2
d22 1 1 c1t2d0s2

The -m creates the two one-way mirrors, d10 and d20. The -t creates d10 as the master device and d20 as the logging device. The submirrors d12 and d22 are attached later by using the metattach(1M) command on the d10 and d20 mirrors.