Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Creating a RAID5 Metadevice in the File

This example shows a RAID5 metadevice, d80, with three slices.

# (RAID devices)
d80 -r c0t1d0s1 c1t0d0s1 c2t0d0s1 -i 20k

The -r creates the RAID5 metadevice. The -i specifies an interlace value of 20 Kbytes. DiskSuite will stripe the data and parity information across the slices c0t1d0s1, c1t0d0s1, and c2t0d0s1. If you wanted to concatenate more slices to the original RAID5 metadevice, you could do so later by using the metattach(1M) command.