Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Example -- Concatenated Metadevice

Figure 2-1 illustrates a concatenated metadevice made of three slices (disks).

The data blocks, or chunks, are written sequentially across the slices, beginning with Disk A. Disk A can be envisioned as containing logical chunks 1 through 4. Logical chunk 5 would be written to Disk B, which would contain logical chunks 5 through 8. Logical chunk 9 would be written to Drive C, which would contain chunks 9 through 12. The total capacity of metadevice d1 would be the combined capacities of the three drives. If each drive were 2 Gbytes, metadevice d1 would have an overall capacity of 6 Gbytes.

Figure 2-1 Concatenation Example