Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Example -- Striped Metadevice

Figure 2-2 shows a striped metadevice built from three slices (disks).

When DiskSuite stripes data from the metadevice to the slices, it writes data from chunk 1 to Disk A, from chunk 2 to Disk B, and from chunk 3 to Disk C. DiskSuite then writes chunk 4 to Disk A, chunk 5 to Disk B, chunk 6 to Disk C, and so forth.

The interlace value sets the size of each chunk. The total capacity of the striped metadevice d2 equals the number of slices multiplied by the size of the smallest slice. (If each slice in the example below were 2 Gbytes, d2 would equal 6 Gbytes.)

Figure 2-2 Striped Metadevice Example