Korean Solaris User's Guide

Korean OPEN LOOK DeskSet

The following DeskSet tools are provided in this Solaris release. All can handle Korean language input and output. A man page is provided for each.

Audio Tool - Tool for recording, playing, editing, and controlling workstation audio parameters.

Binder - Tool for defining which actions associate with which file type. This association can be set graphically.

Calculator - Visual calculator for use with mouse or keyboard.

Calendar Manager - Manages business and social appointments; can use electronic mail to send automatic reminders.

Clock - Displays current analog or digital time.

Command Tool - Standard OPEN LOOK scrolling window terminal emulator.

File Manager - Graphical tool for accessing files and directories. Represents file types with varying colors and icons. Navigates through the file system with the mouse.

Font Editor - Visual tool for editing font appearance and creating new fonts.

Icon Editor - Visual tool for editing icon appearance and creating new icons.

Image Tool - Interactive image viewer. Image Tool can be used to view the contents of file types such as GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PostScript, and others.

Mail Tool - Tool for handling electronic mail.

Performance Meter - Real-time system performance meter that can display a variety of data.

Print Tool - Graphical front-end to the print command. It supports OPEN LOOK drag-and-drop file transfer operations.

Shell Tool - Standard OPEN LOOK non-scrolling window terminal emulator. The window behaves like an ASCII character terminal for entry of UNIX commands at a system shell prompt and other terminal operations.

Snapshot - Tool to snap or capture picture of a window or region of a screen in a bitmap (raster file). Used for capturing screen image displays in this user's guide.

Tape Tool - Graphical tool for controlling the tape driver.

Text Editor - Visual text editor used in OpenWindows tools such as the Mail Tool composition window.