Traditional Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Introduction to OpenWindows

Traditional Chinese Solaris Software Design

This Traditional Chinese localization of Sun's internationalized OpenWindows environment includes enhancements for handling appropriate linguistic and cultural conventions, which it provides to two broad working environments:

Expanded Workspace Properties Worksheet

The Localization category in the Workspace Properties worksheet lets you set the locale in which applications will start. With this page you can set the Basic Setting, Display Language, Input Language, Numeric Format, and Time Format for new application windows from inside the Traditional Chinese OpenWindows environment.

These settings take effect each time a local application is started. Application windows are displayed in the locale that is currently set. If you change the locale, new application windows are displayed in the new locale, but existing application windows continue to be displayed in the original locale.

Traditional Chinese OPEN LOOK DeskSet

The following DeskSet tools are provided in this Solaris release. Each tool can handle Traditional Chinese language input and output. A man page is provided for each.

Audio Tool - Tool for recording, playing, editing, and controlling workstation audio parameters.

Binder - Tool for defining which actions are associated with which file types. This association can be set graphically.

Calculator - Visual calculator for use with the mouse or keyboard.

Calendar Manager - Manages business and social appointments; can use electronic mail to send automatic reminders.

Clock - Displays time in analog or digital format.

Command Tool - Standard OPEN LOOK scrolling window terminal emulator.

File Manager - Graphical tool for accessing files and directories. Represents file types with various colors and icons. Navigates through the file system with the mouse.

Font Editor - Visual tool for editing font appearance and creating new characters and fonts.

Icon Editor - Visual tool for editing icon appearance and creating new icons.

Image Tool - Interactive image viewer. Image Tool can be used to view the contents of file types such as GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PostScript, and others.

Mail Tool - Tool for handling electronic mail.

Performance Meter - Real-time system performance meter that can display a variety of data.

Print Tool - Graphical front-end to the print command. It supports OPEN LOOK drag-and-drop file transfer operations.

Shell Tool - Standard OPEN LOOK non-scrolling window terminal emulator. The window behaves like an ASCII character terminal for entry of UNIX commands at a system shell prompt and other terminal operations.

Snapshot - Tool to snap or capture a picture of a window or region of a screen in bitmap (raster file) format. Used for capturing screen image displays in this user's guide.

Tape Tool - Graphical tool for controlling the tape driver.

Text Editor - Visual text editor used in OpenWindows tools such as the Mail Tool composition window.