Traditional Chinese Solaris User's Guide

OpenWindows and htt

OpenWindows uses the .openwin-init file in the user's home directory if the file exists. If the .openwin-init file lacks a line to start htt, htt will not start when the OpenWindows environment is started.

For the Traditional Chinese input functions in applications to operate as intended, the .openwin-init script must start htt before the script starts an application that uses htt for Traditional Chinese character input. If htt is started after the application, only a root-window style input method server window can be used.

Verifying Changes to the .openwin-init File

The OpenWindows WorkspaceUtilitiesSave Workspace command writes or rewrites a user's .openwin-init file when it saves the current configuration of the workspace screen. Therefore, each time you use the Save Workspace pull-down menu selection, or edit .openwin-init, check your .openwin-init file and make sure the htt command precedes any line that starts an application that takes Traditional Chinese character input.

Placing the htt command this way ensures correct connection to htt if the OpenWindows system is restarted later. Manual edits to .openwin-init will be overwritten the next time you use the Save Workspace command. You can save and use your edits by exiting and then restarting the OpenWindows environment.