Traditional Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) Font Lists

A Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) font list is composed of one English font, representing ASCII characters in CNS11643-0 or ISO8859-1, and a number of Traditional Chinese fonts representing characters such as CNS11643-1, CNS1643-1, CNS11643-2, and CNS11643-3.

Traditional Chinese Solaris provides some default font lists defined in application defaults files in /usr/dt/app-defaults/zh_TW/*. The following is an excerpt from one of these files, Dtwm:

Dtwm*icon*fontList: \ 	
-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-s*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*:

This portion of the file refers to a font list that contains the following fonts, which are defined in /usr/openwin/lib/locale/zh_TW/X11/fonts/75dpi/fonts.alias:

"-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-s serif-16-140-75-75-p-70-cns11643-0"
"-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-s serif-16-140-75-75-p-140-cns11643-1"
"-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-s serif-16-140-75-75-p-140-cns11643-2"
"-dt-interface system-medium-r-normal-s serif-16-140-75-75-p-140-cns11643-3"

The first is the English font for codeset 0 (ASCII) character font display. The rest are Traditional Chinese fonts for codeset 1 (CNS11643) plane 1 character font display, and codeset 2 (CNS11643) plane 2 and plane 3 character font display.