Solaris 8 System Administration Supplement


This functionality is updated in the Solaris 8 6/00 software release.

Volume management features have been improved in the Solaris 8 6/00software release to fully support removable media. This means DVD-ROMs, Iomega and USB Zip and Jaz drives, CD-ROMs, and diskettes are mounted and available for reading when inserted.

Both the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) volume management and Solaris command-line features have been updated in this release. The information here adds to information on managing removable media found in "Guidelines for Using CDs and Diskettes (Overview)" in System Administration Guide, Volume 1. For information on using File Manager to administer this feature, see "Using Removable Media Manager" in Solaris 8 User Supplement.

With the volume management improvements, you can:

Guidelines for using removable media are: