Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Defining the Expert3D Card as the Default Console

On a multiple-monitor system, you may wish to define which of the monitors is your default console. To make your Expert3D Card be the default console display:

  1. At the OpenBoot prompt, type the following:

    ok show_displays

    The system will output a list of the available frame buffers, similar to the following:

    a) /PCI@@l1, 2000/SUNW,Expert3D@1
    b) /PCI@@l5, 2000/SUNW,afb@1

  2. Select the option for the device you want to use as the console.

    In the above example, you would select option a if you want to make the Expert3D device be the console.

  3. Set this device to be the console device.

    At the OpenBoot prompt, enter the following:

    ok setenv output-device <Control-Y> <ENTER>
    ok reset

You can also create an alias for the Expert3D system to simplify future OpenBoot commands. After running the show-displays command and choosing the Expert3D device from the menu, type the following:

ok nvalias screen1 <Control-Y>
ok nvstore

To verify that this alias is correctly set, type the following:

ok devaliases

You can then refer to screen1 for the Expert3D device. For example:

ok setenv output-device screen1