Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Systems With UPA Bus Frame Buffers

To configure the PGX32 card as the console when UPA frame buffers are in the system, the output-device variable in NVRAM must be changed to the actual path of the desired PGX32 cards. This path can best be determined by searching for the string TSI in the / tree at the ok prompt.

For example, to find the pci devices, type:

ok cd /pci@1f,4000
ok ls

When you are in the correct location, you should see at least one entry containing the string TSI (that is, TSI,gfxp@# where # is a digit representing your PGX32 slot location).

Use this entry as the console device for your desired PGX32 card. For example, if the path is /pcid@1f,4000 (as shown above) to the device TSI,gfxp@#, type:

ok setenv output-device /pci@1f,4000/TSI,gfxp@#
ok reset

Note -

Replace # with whatever your PGX32 device requires.

Once the system is reset, all console messages will be directed to that PGX32 card.

To restore the default graphics device as the console for any reason, simply set the output-device variable back to its default value of the screen. To do this, type:

ok setenv output-device screen
ok reset