Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Other PCI Frame Buffers

To make the PGX32 the console device when other PCI frame buffers are present in the system, it may be necessary to change the pcia-probe-list to probe the PGX32 slot before that of the secondary frame buffer (in addition to the changes described above in ""PGX32 Card as the Only Frame Buffer".")

  1. Determine the slot numbers that correspond to these frame buffers, then ensure that the PGX32 slot number precedes that of the secondary frame buffer in the pcia-probe-list.

For example, if the PGX32 is located in slot 3, and the secondary frame buffer is located in slot 1, then update the pcia-probe-list so that slot 3 is probed before slot 1. A possible configuration is:

ok setenv pcia-probe-list 3,2,1,4
ok reset

Once the system is reset, all console messages will be directed to the PGX32 card.