Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Effect on the Default Visual and the Visual Group Ordering

In summary, the appearance of the X server screen visual list can be changed to fit the user's needs using any of the afbconfig visual flags (e.g., linearorder, overlayorder, expvis, sov, etc.). This section briefly shows the effect of these visual options on the visual list.

Without any alteration using afbconfig, the X server screen visual list can roughly be categorized in the following visual groups and order:

The default screen visual will be the 8-bit PseudoColor visual. The deflinear and defoverlay options will alter this pointer to point to the first 8- or 24-bit linear visual, depending on the X server depth when it starts up, and the first 8-bit overlay visual, respectively. You can rearrange the entire "8-bit PseudoColor Overlay" group, the "8-bit Linear StaticGray" group, and the "24-bit Linear TrueColor" group to be ahead of all other visual groups of the same depth by using the linearorder and overlayorder flags. For example, if you specify the following:

afbconfig -overlayorder first

The screen visuals list will be rearranged in the following order: