Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Effect on the Number of Visual Instances Within Selected Groups

The expvis flag will change the number of visual instances in the following visual groups:

The number of instances that expvis will alter depends on whether the monitor is in monoscopic or stereoscopic resolution. In monoscopic resolution, if expvis is enabled, the order of the screen visual groups will be preserved, but within each group mentioned above, a "double-buffer capable" visual instance will be added. In stereoscopic resolution, two additional visual instances: "double-buffer, stereo capable" and "single-buffer, stereo capable", will be added. The "double-buffer capable" visual instances, if present, will always come ahead of the "single-buffer capable" visual instances, and the monoscopic visual instances will always come ahead of the stereoscopic ones.

For example, if you specify the following in stereoscopic resolution:

afbconfig -overlayorder first -expvis enable

the screen visual list will be:

Note -

There is no double-buffer capable overlay visual instance.