Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

How to Configure the Local Network (Interactive dhcpconfig)

  1. Become superuser on the DHCP server system.

  2. Type the following command:

    # /usr/sbin/dhcpconfig

    The text-based DHCP Configuration menu is displayed.

  3. Type 1 and press Return to select Configure DHCP Service.

  4. Answer the following prompts as shown to configure the local network.

    Enable DHCP/BOOTP support of networks you select? ([Y]/N):Y
    Configure BOOTP/DHCP on local LAN network: ([Y]/N):Y
  5. Answer the following prompts about client host name generation.

    Do you want hostnames generated and inserted in the files hosts table? (Y/[N]):

    The server can create host names and associate one with each IP address. SeeClient Host Name Generation for more information.

    If you type Y, answer the next prompt. If you type N, skip to step Step 6.

    What rootname do you want to use for generated names? [yourserver-]:

    The default prefix, or rootname, for generated client names is the name of the DHCP server. You can accept this or change the name to anything you like.

    Is Rootname name_you_typed- correct? ([Y]/N):Y

    If you made an error, type N here to be prompted again for the rootname.

    What base number do you want to start with? [1]: 

    The base number indicates the first number appended to the rootname used to generate client names. For example, if you accept the default rootname and base number, the client names would be yourserver-1, yourserver-2, and so on.

  6. Answer the following prompts about the IP addresses in this network that you want to be placed under DHCP management.

    Enter starting IP address []:  

    The server must generate a range of IP addresses that it is to manage. Type the first address in the range that you want to be placed under DHCP management. See Number and Ranges of IP Addresses for more information.

    Enter the number of clients you want to add (x < 65535):

    The number of clients is the number of IP addresses you want to place under DHCP management. The dhcpconfig program uses this information and the base number to add a contiguous block of IP addresses to be managed by DHCP.

    The dhcp network table: already exists.
    Do you want to add entries to it? ([Y]/N):

    You see this prompt if you are adding a block of addresses in a network for which you have already configured addresses. Type Y to modify the network table and add the addresses.

    Would you like to configure BOOTP/DHCP service on remote networks? ([Y]/N):

    If you are finished adding networks, type N.

    If you want to place IP addresses on other networks under DHCP management, type Y at this prompt and continue with Step 4.