Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

dhcpconfig Features

In interactive mode, the dhcpconfig utility prompts you for information and then adds macros to the dhcptab and creates DHCP network tables. It prompts you for server startup options such as the interval for reading the dhcptab, the timeout value for DHCP service offers, and so on. It obtains other information from the system files discussed in Updating System Files and Netmask Tables. You cannot view the information it obtains from system files, so it is important that the system files be updated before you run dhcpconfig in interactive mode.

Note –

The interactive mode is scheduled to be removed in a future Solaris release. DHCP Manager is the recommended tool for interactive use.

In noninteractive mode, the dhcpconfig command supports a list of options that allow you to configure and unconfigure a DHCP server, as well as convert to a new data store and import/export data to and from other DHCP servers. The command can be used in scripts. Please see the dhcpconfig man page for more information.