Solaris DHCP Administration Guide

Comparison of DHCP Manager and dhcpconfig

The following table summarizes the differences between the two server configuration tools.

Table 2–4 Comparison of DHCP Manager and the dhcpconfig Command


DHCP Manager 

dhcpconfig Interactive

dhcpconfig With Options

Network information gathered from system. 

Allows you to view the information gathered from system files, and change it if needed. 

You cannot see what information dhcpconfig is gathering. You must look at the dhcptab and network tables after they are created.

You specify the network information with command-line options. 

Configuration experience for user. 

Speeds the configuration process by omitting prompts for nonessential server options by using default values for them. Allows you to change nonessential options after initial configuration. 

Prompts for all server options during configuration process. To change the options later, you must use dhtadm and pntadm commands.

Fastest configuration process, but user must specify values for many options. 

The next chapter includes procedures you can use to configure your server with both DHCP Manager and the dhcpconfig utility.