Asian-Language Support in the Solaris Operating Environment

1.2 Software Internationalization

Internationalized software applications include internationalized code and localized locale-specific data.

Internationalization generalizes software by using a single internationalized binary which retrieves locale-specific data and shared objects at run time. The application runs on any localized version of the Solaris operating environment, without requiring source code changes or recompilation.

Localization customizes software data, providing locale-specific modules that meet local requirements. Localization can be either of the following:

Developers generally create applications for the U.S. market. Internationalization is especially important in newer, smaller markets which don't yet justify full localization. Here, a phased approach is recommended, beginning with the current internationalized Solaris operating environment version, followed by localization as the market grows as illustrated in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1 Market-entry strategy for localized products


Sun Microsystems requires that all applications be internationalized.