Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

Sun WBEM Software Development Kit

The Sun WBEM Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the components required to write management applications that can communicate with any WBEM-enabled management device. Developers can also use this tool kit to write providers, programs that communicate with managed objects to access data. All management applications developed using the Sun WBEM SDK run on the Java platform.

A WBEM client application is a program that uses Sun WBEM SDK APIs to manipulate CIM objects. A client application typically uses the CIM API to construct an object (for example, a namespace, class, or instance) and then initialize that object. The application then uses the Client APIs to pass the object to the CIM Object Manager and request a WBEM operation, such as creating a CIM namespace, class, or instance.

The Sun WBEM SDK installs and runs in any Java environment. It may be used as a standalone application or with Solaris WBEM Services. The Sun WBEM SDK is available for download from