Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

Solaris Schema Files

The following table provides a brief overview of the Solaris Schema files located in /usr/sadm/mof.

Table B-1 Solaris Schema Files
 Solaris Schema File Description of What it Provides

Lists all of the MOF files of the Solaris Schema, in #pragma Include statements. Specifies the order in which the MOF files are read and compiled.


Contains all the system properties that the CIM Object Manager uses. 


Enables WBEM core features to be implemented. Lets you set locales, qualifiers, and providers. 


Models Solaris packages and patches in CIM. 


Models the Solaris Schema components for a system, including the operating system and processes of the system. Extends CIM Schema definitions through the definition of the Solaris_Process and Solaris_OperatingSystem classes.


Enables a description of your system's processor, serial ports, printing devices, and time settings to make your computer work with the CIM Object Manager.  


Sets the base class and qualifiers for user ACLs. 


Defines classes pertaining to network domains, IP subnets, and naming services (including NIS, NIS+, LDAP, DNS, and server /etc files).


Defines classes for working with user accounts. 

For more detailed information about each file, see the following sections.