Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

The Solaris_Schema1.0.mof File

The Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file is the high-level container of all other MOF files comprised by the Solaris Schema. It lists the MOF files in the order in which they must be compiled. The Java classes generated from each compilation are then sent to the CIM Object Manager, where they are either enacted as events or sent to the CIM Repository for storage as objects. The following listing of the Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file shows the Include statements in the order required for compilation.

Title:				Solaris Master MOF 1.0
Description:	Include pragmas for all other mofs
Date:        	05/09/00
Version:     	1.0 
Copyright (c) 2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_Core1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_Application1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_System1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_Device1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_Network1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_Users1.0.mof")
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_CIMOM1.0.mof")
// This must be the last include since it changes the CIM namespace
#pragma Include ("usr/sadm/mof/Solaris_Acl1.0.mof")

The compiler parses a line of the Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file, compiles the file specified in the Include statement, and then parses the next line of the Solaris_Schema1.0.mof file, until all included files are compiled.