Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide

The Solaris_CIMOM1.0.mof File

The Solaris_CIMOM1.0.mof file contains all the system properties used by the CIM Object Manager.

Title	:	    	Solaris CIMOM mof specification
Description:	Models the system properties used by the CIMOM
Date:				05/09/00
Version:			1.0
Copyright (c) 2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
#pragma namespace ("root/system")

Qualifier Abstract : boolean = false,
		    Scope(class, association, indication),
		    Flavor(DisableOverride, Restricted);
Qualifier Association : boolean = false,
		    Scope(class, association), 
Qualifier Key : boolean = false, 
		    Scope(property, reference), 
Qualifier Override : string = null,
		    Scope(property, method, reference);
Qualifier Description : string = null,
Qualifier Expensive : boolean = false, 
		    Scope(property, reference, method, class, association);
Qualifier In : boolean = true, 
Qualifier Provider : string = null, 

 Description("Each instance becomes part of the classpath")
class Solaris_ProviderPath {
    string pathurl;

 Description("This class represents the CIMOM")
class Solaris_CIMOM {
    string name;

    [Description("Shuts down the CIMOM")]
    sint8 shutdown();