Solaris 8 Desktop User Supplement

Attaching Multiple Files to Email

Mailer functionality is updated in the Solaris 8 1/01 software release.

The addition of the Keep dialog box open on the desktop check box enables you to attach multiple files to an email. You no longer need to select Add Files from the Attachments menu each time another file is to be added. For more information on using the Mailer, see Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide.

To Add an Attachment

  1. Compose your email message.

  2. Choose Add File from the Attachments menu in the Compose window.

    The Mailer - Attachments - Add dialog box is displayed.

  3. (Optional) Click the Keep dialog box open on desktop check box.

    Clicking this option box indicates that you do not want the dialog box to close after the Add button is clicked. This action eliminates the need to choose Add File from the Attachments menu to add more than one attachment.

  4. Select a file to attach and click Add.

    The attachment is added to the attachment list in the lower portion of the Compose window.

    To remove an attachment you just added, select its icon and choose Delete from the Attachments menu.

    To restore a deleted attachment, choose Undelete from the Attachments menu.

  5. (Optional) Choose Rename from the Attachments menu to change the name of a selected attachment.

    If you drag and drop messages from the Message Header List in the main window to the attachment list, Mailer creates one mailbox that contains all of the messages.