Solaris 8 Desktop User Supplement

Chapter 1 What's New at a Glance

This chapter highlights new features that have been added to the Solaris 8 operating environment for the Update releases.

Table 1–1 Solaris 8 Update Features

Feature Description 

First Released 

Window Manager Enhancements 


Graphical Workspace Manager provides a graphical representation of all workspaces, the ability to navigate across different workspaces with the press of a button, and the ability to drag and drop applications across different workspaces. With the 4/01 release, you are no longer limited to viewing nine workspaces. Also, the Graphical Workspace Manager Options dialog box has been added to provide a number of additional display options. 

For more information, see Graphical Workspace Manager.

6/00 and updated 4/01 

Window List provides a list of all currently running applications. The Window List enables you, with the click of a mouse button, to locate any application, even those in workspaces other than the current workspace. The Window List also provides the ability to perform window actions on a selected group of applications. With the 4/01 release, you can choose to display or not display the Workspace column. 

For more information, see Window List .

6/00 and updated 4/01 

The Workspace Manager provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for controlling behavior and the number of workspaces. You can add and delete workspaces by using a slider. You can also display the Graphical Workspace Manager in the Workspace Switch Area of the Front Panel. 

For more information, see Workspace Manager.


Adding Multiple Files to Email 

This feature enables you to keep the Mailer - Attachment - Add dialog box open in order to add two or more files to an email. The need to select Add Files from the Attachment menu multiple times is eliminated.  

For more information, see Attaching Multiple Files to Email.


Removable Media Manager 

Removable Media Manager centralizes access to removable devices in one window. You can format, query properties, view directory structures, and where applicable, protect and slice media.  

For more information, see Using Removable Media Manager.

6/00 and updated 10/00 

Energy Star Standards 

X11R6.4 standards have been enhanced with Frame Buffer Power Management (FBPM), an extension to the Display Power Management System (DPMS). This enhancement is added to fulfill the U.S. government's Energy Star program requirements and only works on Energy Star-compliant hardware. 


Early Access 

This release includes an Early Access (EA) directory with EA software. For more information, see the Readme on the Solaris Software CD 2 of 2.