Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) 7/01 Release Notes

Solaris Web Start 3.0 Installation Partition Issue

If Solaris Web Start 3.0 on the Solaris 8 Installation CD is unable to locate a Solaris fdisk partition on a system, you must create a Solaris fdisk partition on your root disk.

Caution – Caution –

If you change the size of an existing fdisk partition, all data on that partition is automatically deleted. Back up your data before you create a Solaris fdisk partition.

Solaris Web Start 3.0 requires two fdisk partitions to perform an installation.

Note –

The Solaris Web Start 3.0 installation utility creates the x86 boot partition, removing 10–Mbytes from the Solaris fdisk partition. This prevents any existing fdisk partitions from being altered.

This partition should not be created manually.

This requirement also prevents you from using Web Start 3.0 to upgrade from the Solaris 2.6 or Solaris 7 releases to the Solaris 8 operating environment. For more information, refer to Cannot Use Solaris Installation CD to Upgrade Intel Systems to the Solaris 8 Operating Environment.