Solaris 8 (SPARC Platform Edition) 2/04 Release Notes

Upgrading the JavaSpaces Datastore to Prevent Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) Data Loss (4365035)

If you are upgrading from the Solaris 8 (Solaris WBEM Services 2.0), Solaris 8 6/00 (WBEM Services 2.1), Solaris 8 10/00 (WBEM Services 2.2), or Solaris 8 1/01 (WBEM Services 2.3) operating environments to the Solaris 8 2/04 operating environment (Solaris WBEM Services 2.4), you must convert any proprietary custom Managed Object Format (MOF) data to the new Reliable Log repository format that is used with Solaris WBEM Services 2.4. Failure to convert the data results in data loss.

Workaround: To convert WBEM data, before upgrading you must save the JavaSpacesTM software. After upgrading, you must run the wbemconfig convert command.

Before upgrading to the Solaris 8 2/04 operating environment, follow these steps to save the JavaSpaces software.

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Save the JavaSpaces software.

    cp /usr/sadm/lib/wbem/outrigger.jar /usr/sadm/lib/wbem/outrigger.jar.tmp

  3. Check and record the version of the JDKTM software that is installed on your machine. For example:

    # /usr/bin/java -version 
    java version "1.2.1" 
    Solaris VM (build Solaris_JDK_1.2.1_04c, native threads, sunwjit)

    You must be running the same version of the JDK software that was running when the original JavaSpaces datastore was created.

Note –

After upgrading to the Solaris 8 2/04 operating environment, you must convert the WBEM data. For specific instructions, see “Upgrading the CIM Object Manager Repository” in Solaris WBEM Services Administrator's Guide.