Hardware Certification Test Suite 2.3 Installation Guide

Extracting the HCTS Package Contents

The HCTS 2.3 package is a tar file from which you need to extract the package contents. The name of the downloaded file is hcts.2.3.tar.gz.

ProcedureHow to Extract HCTS Package Contents

  1. Extract the HCTS package contents.

    $ gzip -cd hcts.2.3.tar.gz|tar xvf -

    The package contents are extracted into a directory called hcts.2.3, which is placed in the directory where you downloaded the HCTS package. This hcts.2.3 directory contains the following:

    • install.hcts script

    • uninstall.hcts script

    • hcts.2.3.README

    • hcts.2.3.ReleaseNotes

    • SUNWhcts package

    • SUNWstaf package

    Note –

    You must copy the downloaded hcts.2.3.tar.gz file to each machine that you want to test. For network and serial I/O controllers, copy the file to both the single-processor and dual-processor test machines (System Configuration I and System Configuration II). For storage controllers, copy the file to the dual-processor test system configured for your technology. For more information, refer to the test plan for your type of controller. Perform the installation instructions provided below on each machine that you want to test.