Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Command-Line Utilities Issues

Null attribute LDAP search returns an error when Access Manager points to Directory Proxy (6357975)

If you are using Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server, a null attribute LDAP search returns an error. For example:

# ldapsearch -b base-dn uid=user ""

If Access Manager points directly to the LDAP director server, the same search is successful.

Workaround: If you are using Directory Proxy Server, either enable null attribute searches or supply an attribute name for the search.

New schema files are missing from amserveradmin script (6255110)

After installation, when you need to run amserveradmin script to load the services into Directory Server, the script is missing the defaultDelegationPolicies.xml and idRepoDefaults.xml schema files.

Workaround: Manually load the defaultDelegationPolicies.xml and idRepoDefaults.xml files using the amadmin CLI tool with the -toption.

Cannot save XML documents with escape character in Internet Explorer 6.0 (4995100)

If you add a special character (such as the string “amp;” next to an “&”) in an XML file, the file will save properly, however; if you later retrieve the XML profile using Internet Explorer 6.0, the file doesn't display properly. If you then try to save the profile again, an error is returned.

Workaround: None.