Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

CR# 6363157: New property disables persistent searches if absolutely required

The new property in the file specifies which event connection can be disabled. Values (case insensitive) can be:

aci - Changes to the aci attribute, with the search using the LDAP filter (aci=*)

sm - Changes in the Access Manager information tree (or service management node), which includes objects with the sunService or sunServiceComponent marker object class. For example, you might create a policy to define access privileges for a protected resource, or you might modify the rules, subjects, conditions, or response providers for an existing policy.

um - Changes in the user directory (or user management node). For example, you might change a user's name or address.

For example, to disable persistent searches for changes to the Access Manager information tree (or service management node):

To specify multiple values, separate each value with a comma.

Caution – Caution –

Persistent searches cause some performance overhead on Directory Server. If you determine that removing some of this performance overhead is absolutely critical in a production environment, you can disable one or more persistent searches using the property.

However, before disabling a persistent search, you should understand the limitations described above. It is strongly recommended that this property not be changed unless absolutely required. This property was introduced primarily to avoid overhead on Directory Server when multiple 2.1 J2EE agents are used, because each of these agents establishes these persistent searches. The 2.2 J2EE agents no longer establish these persistent searches, so you might not need to use this property.

For more information, see Document more information about disabling persistent searches (6486927).