Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Document more information about disabling persistent searches (6486927)

Access Manager uses persistent searches to receive information about Sun Java System Directory Server entries that change. By default, Access Manager creates the following persistent search connections during server startup:

aci - Changes to the aci attribute, with the search using the LDAP filter (aci=*)

sm - Changes in the Access Manager information tree (or service management node), which includes objects with the sunService or sunServiceComponent marker object class. For example, you might create a policy to define access privileges for a protected resource, or you might modify the rules, subjects, conditions, or response providers for an existing policy.

um - Changes in the user directory (or user management node). For example, you might change a user's name or address.

Caution – Caution –

Disabling persistent searches for any of these components is not recommended, because a component with a disabled persistent search does not receive notifications from Directory Server. Consequently, changes made in Directory Server for that particular component will not be notified to the component cache, and the component cache will go stale.

For example, if you disable persistent searches for changes in the user directory (um), the Access Manager server will not receive notifications from Directory Server. Therefore, an agent would not get notifications from Access Manager to update its local user cache with the new values for the user attribute. Then, if an application queries the agent for the user attributes, it might receive the old value for that attribute.

Use this property only in special circumstances when absolutely required. For example, if you know that Service Configuration changes (related to changing values to any of services such as Session Service and Authentication Services) will not happen in production environment, the persistent search to the Service Management (sm) component can be disabled. However, if any changes occur for any of the services, a server restart would be required. The same condition also applies to other persistent searches, specified by the aci and um values.

For more information, see CR# 6363157: New property disables persistent searches if absolutely required.