Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Multiple Access Manager instances log to separate log files

Multiple Access Manager instances running on the same host server can now log to separate log files in different logging subdirectories by setting the following new property in the file:


Unless you change the default logging directory in the Admin Console, the default logging directories are:

The first Access Manager instance always logs to the default logging directory. To specify different logging subdirectories for additional Access Manager instances, set the com.sun.identity.log.logSubdir property in the file for each additional Access Manager instance.

For example, if you have three instances, am-instance-1, am-instance-2, and am-instance-3, all running on the same Solaris host server, set the property as follows:


The com.sun.identity.log.logSubdir property is hidden. You must explicitly add this property to the file as needed and restart the Access Manager web container for subdirectory values to take effect.

The Access Manager instances then log to the following directories: