Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Release Notes

Access Manager SDK falls back to primary Directory Server after primary comes back up

If Sun Java System Directory Server is configured for multi-master replication (MMR), the Access Manager SDK now falls back to the primary Directory Server after the primary server goes down and then comes back up. Previously, the Access Manager SDK continued to access the secondary Directory Server even after the primary server came back up.

To support this new behavior, Access Manager has the following new property in the file:

This property sets the time in minutes that a secondary Directory Server instance sleeps before it falls back to the primary server after the primary server comes back up. The default is 15 minutes.

The property is hidden. To set this property to a value other than the default (15 minutes), explicitly add it to the file. For example, to set the value to 7 minutes:

For the new value to take effect, restart the Access Manager web container.