Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Deployment Mode Variable

This section describes the values for the required DEPLOY_LEVEL variable. This variable determines the operation you want the amconfig script to perform.

Table 1–1 Access Manager DEPLOY_LEVEL Variable


DEPLOY_LEVEL Variable Value and Description  


1 = Full Access Manager installation for a new instance (default) 

2 = Install Access Manager console only 

3 = Install Access Manager SDK only 

4 = Install SDK only and configure the container 

5 = Install Federation Management module only 

6 = Install server only 

7=Install Access Manager and configure the container for deploying with Portal Server. 

Caution DEPLOY_MODE=7 is intended only for deploying Access Manager with Portal Server.

For some deployments, you might want to install the console only and server only on a single host server using different web containers. First, run the Java ES installer to install all Access Manager subcomponents using the Configure Later option. Then, run the amconfig script to configure both the console and server instances.

Uninstall (unconfigure) 

11 = Full uninstall 

12 = Uninstall console only 

13 = Uninstall SDK only 

14 = Uninstall SDK only and unconfigure the container 

15 = Uninstall Federation Management module 

16 = Uninstall server only 

Uninstall Access Manager and unconfigure the container when deployed with Portal Server. 

Caution DEPLOY_MODE=7 is intended only when Access Manager is deployed with Portal Server.


(also referred to as re-deploy or re-configure) 

21 = Redeploy all (console, password, services, and common) web applications. 

26 = Undeploy all (console, password, services, and common) web applications.