Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Access Manager amconfig Script

After you run the Java Enterprise System installer, the amconfig script is available in the AccessManager-base /SUNWam/bin directory on Solaris systems or the AccessManager-base/identity/bin directory on Linux systems.

The amconfig script reads a silent configuration input file and then calls other scripts in silent mode, as needed, to perform the requested operation.

To run the amconfig script, use this syntax:

amconfig -s



-s runs amconfig in silent mode.

input-file is the silent configuration input file that contains the configuration variables for the operation you want to perform. For more information, see Access Manager Sample Configuration Script Input File.

Several considerations for running the amconfig script are:

Note –

In the Access Manager 7 2005Q4 release, the following scripts are not supported:

Also, by default amserver start starts only the authentication amsecuridd and amunixd helpers. The amsecuridd helper is available only on the Solaris OS SPARC platform.