Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Installing and Configuring BEA WebLogic 8.1

Before you install WebLogic, make sure that your host domain is registered in DNS. Also, verify that you are installing the correct version of the WebLogic software. For more information, go to the BEA product site at

ProcedureTo Install and Configure WebLogic 8.1

  1. Unpack the downloaded software image, either in .zip or .gz format. Make sure that the zip/gzip utility is for the correct platform or you may receive a checksum error during the unpackaging.

  2. Run the installation program from a shell window of your target system.

    Follow the procedures provided by the WebLogic installation utility (detailed installation instructions can be found at

    During the installation process, make sure that you record the following information, to be used later in the Access Manager configuration:

    • FQDN (used in the WL8_HOST parameter)

      • installation location

      • port number

  3. Once installation is complete, run the WebLogic configuration tool to configure the domain and server instance from the following location:


    By default, WebLogic defines the server instance as myserver and the domain as mydomain. It is unlikely that you will choose to use these defaults. If you create a new domain and instance, make sure that you record the information for Access Manager configuration and deployment. See the WebLogic 8.1 documentation for instructions.

  4. If you are installing on an administration instance, start WebLogic by using the utility from the following location:

    WebLogic-base/WebLogic-Userhome/domains/ WebLogic-domain/

    If you are installing on a managed instance, start WebLogic by using the following command:

    WebLogic-base/WebLogic-Userhome/domains/ WebLogic-domain/startManagedWebLogic WebLogic-managed-instancename admin-url