Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Persistent Cookie

A persistent cookie is one that continues to exist after the web browser is closed, allowing a user to login with a new browser session without having to re-authenticate. The name of the cookie is defined by the property in; the default value is DProPCookie . The cookie value is a 3DES-encrypted string containing the userDN, realm name, authentication module name, maximum session time, idle time, and cache time.

ProcedureTo Enable Persistent Cookies

  1. Turn on the Persistent Cookie Mode in the Core Authentication module.

  2. Configure a time value for the Persistent Cookie Maximum Time attribute in the Core Authentication module.

  3. Append the iPSPCookie Parameter with a value of yes to the User Interface Login URL.

    Once the user authenticates using this URL, if the browser is closed, they can open a new browser window and will be redirected to the console without re-authenticating. This will work until the time defined in Step 2 elapses.

    Persistent Cookie Mode can be turned on using the Authentication SPI method: