Sun Java System Access Manager 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Fully Qualified Domain Name Mapping

Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) mapping enables the Authentication Service to take corrective action in the case where a user may have typed in an incorrect URL (such as specifying a partial host name or IP address to access protected resources). FQDN mapping is enabled by modifying the com.sun.identity.server.fqdnMap attribute in the file. The format for specifying this property is:

com.sun.identity.server.fqdnMap[invalid-name ]=valid-name

The value invalid-name would be a possible invalid FQDN host name that may be typed by the user, and valid-name would be the actual host name to which the filter will redirect the user. Any number of mappings can be specified (as illustrated in Code Example 1-1) as long as they conform to the stated requirements. If this property is not set, the user would be sent to the default server name configured in the server_name property also found in the file.

Example 7–1 FQDN Mapping Attribute In

            IP address]


Possible Uses For FQDN Mapping

This property can be used for creating a mapping for more than one host name which may be the case if applications hosted on a server are accessible by more than one host name. This property can also be used to configure Access Manager to not take corrective action for certain URLs. For example, if no redirect is required for users who access applications by using an IP address, this feature can be implemented by specifying a map entry such as:

com.sun.identity.server.fqdnMap[IP address ]=IP address.

Note –

If more than one mapping is defined, ensure that there are no overlapping values in the invalid FQDN name. Failing to do so may result in the application becoming inaccessible.