Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

ProcedureTo Configure the Web Policy Agent to Use the New Agent Profile

  1. Log in to as a root user to Protected Resource 2.

  2. Run the cypt_util utility.

    The utility encrypts the password.

    # cd /opt/SUNWam/agents/bin
    # ./crypt_util web4gent2

    Copy the encrypted password, and save it in a text file.

  3. Edit the file.

    # cd /etc/opt/SUNWam/agents/es6/ 

    Make a backup of you make the following change in the file: = webagent-2 = BXxzBswD+PZdMRDRMXQQA==

    Use the encrypted password obtained in the previous step.

    Save the file.

  4. Restart Web Server 2.

    # cd /opt/SUNWwbsvr/
     # ./stop; ./start