Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

ProcedureTo Install Message Queue 2

  1. Log in as a root user to the host MessageQueue–2.

  2. Start the installer with -nodisplay option. Example:

    # cd /mnt/Solaris_sparc
    # ./installer -nodisplay
  3. When prompted, provide the following information:

     Welcome to the Sun Java(TM) 
    Enterprise System; 
    serious software made simple... 
    <Press ENTER to Continue>

    Press Enter. 

    Before you install this product,
    you must read and accept the entire    
    Software License Agreement under which
    this product is licensed for your 
    <Press ENTER to display the 
    Software License Agreement>

    Press Enter. 

    Language Support
    Please enter a comma separated list 
    of languages you would like supported   
    with this installation [8]

    Enter 8 for English.

    The following component products 
    are detected on this system. They will 
    appear disabled, "* *", in the following 
    Component Selection Main Menu 
    <Press ENTER to continue>

    Press Enter. 

    Component Selection - Main Menu 
    Enter a comma separated list of 
    products to install, or press R to 
    refresh the list  []: 

    Enter 12 for Message Queue.

    Based on product dependencies for 
    your selections,the installer will install: 
    [X] 12. Sun Java(TM) System 
    Message Queue 3 2005Q4 
    Enterprise Edition (10.06 MB) 
    Press "Enter" to Continue...

    Press Enter. 

    Shared Component Upgrades Required
    Enter 1 to upgrade these shared 
    components and 2 to cancel  [1]: 

    Accept the default value. 

    System Ready for Installation. 
    Memory detectionis disabled in a local 
    zone. Enter 1 to continue [1] 

    Accept the default value. 

    Screen for selecting Type of 
    1. Configure Now - Selectively 
    override defaults or 
    express through  2. Configure Later - 
    Manually configure following 
    Select Type of Configuration [1] 

    Enter 1 for Configure Now.

    Sun Java(TM) System Message 
    Queue 3 2005Q4 Enterprise Edition  
    1. Install 
    2. Start Over 
    3. Exit Installation. 
    What would you like to do [1]

    First, see the following (Optional) Step 4. When you're ready to install, press Enter to accept the default value. 

    Installation Complete
    Enter 1 to view installation 
    summary and Enter 2 to view 
    installation logs [1]

    Enter ! when you're ready to exit the installer program.

  4. (Optional) Monitor the log files and watch for installation errors.

    # cd /var/sadm/install/logs
    # tail -f Java_Enterprise_System_install.B10110830