Deployment Example 1: Access Manager 7.0 Load Balancing, Distributed Authentication UI, and Session Failover

ProcedureTo Install Message Queue 1

Before You Begin

The Java ES installer must be mounted on the host computer system where you will install Message Queue. See the section “To Download and Unpack the Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installer”3.2 Downloading and Mounting the Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 Installer in this document.

  1. Log in as a root user to the host MessageQueue–1.

  2. Start the installer with -nodisplay option. Example:

    # cd /mnt/Solaris_sparc
    # ./installer -nodisplay
  3. When prompted, provide the following information:

     Welcome to the Sun Java(TM) 
    Enterprise System; 
    serious software made simple... 
    <Press ENTER to Continue>

    Press Enter. 

    Before you install this product,
    you must read and accept the entire    
    Software License Agreement under which
    this product is licensed for your 
    <Press ENTER to display the 
    Software License Agreement>

    Press Enter. 

    Language Support
    Please enter a comma separated list 
    of languages you would like supported   
    with this installation [8]

    Enter 8 for English.

    The following component products 
    are detected on this system. They will 
    appear disabled, "* *", in the following 
    Component Selection Main Menu 
    <Press ENTER to continue>

    Press Enter. 

    Component Selection - Main Menu 
    Enter a comma separated list of 
    products to install, or press R to 
    refresh the list  []: 

    Enter 12 for Message Queue.

    Based on product dependencies for 
    your selections,the installer will install: 
    [X] 12. Sun Java(TM) System 
    Message Queue 3 2005Q4 
    Enterprise Edition (10.06 MB) 
    Press "Enter" to Continue...

    Press Enter. 

    Shared Component Upgrades Required
    Enter 1 to upgrade these shared 
    components and 2 to cancel  [1]: 

    Accept the default value. 

    System Ready for Installation. 
    Memory detectionis disabled in a local 
    zone. Enter 1 to continue [1] 

    Accept the default value. 

    Screen for selecting Type of 
    1. Configure Now - Selectively 
    override defaults or 
    express through  2. Configure Later - 
    Manually configure following 
    Select Type of Configuration [1] 

    Enter 1 for Configure Now.

    Sun Java(TM) System Message 
    Queue 3 2005Q4 Enterprise Edition  
    1. Install 
    2. Start Over 
    3. Exit Installation. 
    What would you like to do [1]

    First, see the following (Optional) Step 4. When you're ready to install, press Enter to accept the default value. 

    Installation Complete
    Enter 1 to view installation 
    summary and Enter 2 to view 
    installation logs [1]

    Enter ! when you're ready to exit the installer program.

  4. (Optional) Monitor the log files and watch for installation errors.

    # cd /var/sadm/install/logs
    # tail -f Java_Enterprise_System_install.B10110830